Does the IRS Really Come to Your House?

Yes, the IRS will come to your house, and if you are a business owner, the IRS will come to your business as well as your home. Most IRS debt cases do not result in home or business visits, and most communication is through the mail. However, home and business visits do happen. The agents that most frequently come to your house to collect money are called Revenue Officers.  Call IRS Tax Fighters today at 888-959-2671 if you have a revenue officer.

Revenue Officers are individual agents that are specifically assigned to your case. They are supposed to be assigned to cases with debts of $250,000 or more for individual tax debt and $20,000 or more for business payroll tax debt, but we have seen revenue officers assigned to cases where the debt is as small as $8,000 for an international taxpayer and as small as $20,000 for a US resident individual income tax debt.

The revenue officer many times will initially be very nice, and make you feel very comfortable, but normally while this is happening they are working on levying you. The IRS has to do certain things before they can issue a levy. The revenue officer is normally making sure those things are done.  The revenue officer does this because their primary job is to collect money. They are collectors. If they can’t collect it from you voluntarily, they will collect it from you involuntarily via a levy.

Normally, the levies are wage garnishments, bank levies, and for business owners, accounts receivable levies. These levies are brutal. The wage garnishments take a certain amount of your wages based upon your family size. For example, if you are a single person getting paid biweekly, the IRS will allow you to keep about $400 and they will take the rest. For a bank levy and an accounts receivable levy, all the money is taken. The amounts taken cannot exceed the total amount owed to the IRS, but normally the amount seized is less than what is owed.

Levies do not have to happen. IRS Tax Fighters prevents levies. Call IRS Tax Fighters today at 888-959-2671.

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