Does the IRS Really Settle Debt for Pennies on the Dollar?

Yes, they do. You can totally resolve your IRS debt for a payment that is a very small percentage of what is owed, if you qualify. The IRS program that allows this is called an Offer in Compromise. Generally, acceptance of an offer in compromise depends on your ability to repay the debt.

If the IRS agrees that the amount offered is the most they will be able to collect on the debt, then they will accept the offer. This generally depends on 4 factors:

1) Income. How much income do you make per month?

2) Expenses. What are your monthly expenses?

3) Assets. What do you own?

4) Liabilities. What debt do you have? What do you owe?

Also, the IRS sometimes will consider extenuating circumstances that affect your ability to pay such as an illness of you, illness of your spouse, etc.

This is a simplified explanation of an offer in compromise. Everyone’s situation is different because of differences in family size, family makeup, work types, differences in types of expenses, etc.

IRS Tax Fighters completes thorough calculations and analysis to determine prior to filing an offer in compromise whether you are a candidate for an offer acceptance, and we aggressively pursue and defend offers in compromises. Because of this, we have a high acceptance rate for offers in compromises.

We encourage you to call IRS Tax Fighters today at 888-959-2671 to determine if you are eligible for an offer in compromise. We are encountering people who are eligible for offer acceptances who thought they were not good candidates. Is it possible that it’s the same for you as well? IRS Tax Fighters has a lot of experience with IRS negotiations, and we can help you. Call today, IRS Tax Fighters 888-959-2671.

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