Why UsHere are some examples of prior cases:

Client #1

Client owed over $65,000 to the IRS. Client earned decent money, but could not afford to pay the IRS because of child support and regular monthly expenses.

Result: Submitted an offer in compromise for $600 that was accepted. Saved the client over $64,000.

Client #2

Client owed over $17,000 to the state of New York due to frequent job losses and medical issues.

Result: Submitted an offer in compromise to New York for $1,000 that was accepted. Saved the client over $16,000.

Client #3

Client’s construction company owed payroll taxes of over $350,000 due to a slow down in business. The company still had assets, but it’s income was much less than previous years. Client also needed to sell a house, but wasn’t able to because of liens.

Result: Got the IRS to recognize that the company could not afford to pay anything toward the debt at this time. IRS set business up on Currently Not Collectible status. Got IRS to issue a lien discharge enabling client to sell the house.

Client #4

Client’s business owed over $70,000 in state sales tax, over $8,000 in payroll taxes to the IRS and client owed over $24,000 in personal income taxes to the IRS. Client was on a payment plan for the payroll taxes, but could not afford to pay it because of the sales tax issues. State representatives were visiting the business, taking inventory of assets and valuing assets with the intention of shutting down the business, seizing all the assets and selling the assets to pay for the past due sales tax.

Result: Stopped the state from shutting the business down and seizing the assets. Negotiated a payment plan with the state that the business could afford. Got the IRS to stop aggressive collections activity for the payroll tax debt and set client up on Currently Not Collectible status for the personal debt.

Client #5

Client retired from employment with North Carolina, and was told by the state that she could retire prior to year end and withdraw her lump sum retirement savings without any tax consequences. Client followed the instructions she was given, but was later given a 1099 from the state indicating the money withdrawn was taxable. When the client went back to the state retirement representative that advised her, the state rep acknowledged that she had advised the client incorrectly, but told the client there was nothing she could do. The client owed the IRS almost $50,000.

Result: Negotiated with the state and IRS. The assessed tax due was reversed resulting in zero tax owed. Saved client almost $50,000.

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