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Our tax resolution firm is here to help you. Tax debt and the continuous pursuit by the IRS is very stressful, but you do not have to face this alone. Call now for a free consultation at 1-888-959-2671.



The goal at IRS Tax Fighters is to get between you and the IRS, protect your interests and reach a solution that is agreeable to you. We believe that a resolution that puts too much strain on the taxpayer hurts both the IRS and the taxpayer. Individual, courteous service is what you will receive at IRS Tax Fighters.



It is very important to file all your tax returns. However, when you already have a tax debt it is difficult to balance the need for tax return preparation while the IRS is breathing down your neck for payment of back taxes. It is very important to get representation that can stop IRS collections, prepare your tax returns, work towards a settlement, and do it well.


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IRS Tax Fighters is a natiowide, full service tax resolution firm that specializes in resolving IRS tax problems. We provide aggressive, quick tax relief. Our mission is to be a leader in the tax relief industry that provides excellent customer service and exceeds our clients’ expectations. We are flexible so that we are available and able to work around your time constraint needs.

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It is important to get good representation who knows the IRS rules and available programs, and who cares about your issues as if they were their own. IRS Tax Fighters has experience working with hundreds of clients settling millions of IRS debt.

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